On GetUp members’ minds: SOPA and PIPA

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20th January 2012

In amidst all the rush and bustle about pokies (if you haven’t already, check out www.StopTheLoss.org.au), plenty of GetUp members have already been in touch to let us know how strongly they feel about the Piracy Acts in the US. Here’s a quick round-up of some great newsgrabs, infographics and international campaigns about SOPA, PIPA and all things censorship related.

(image via flavorwire)

An infographic to keep it all simple.

New Online Organising’s take:SOPA and PIPA won’t stop online piracy, but they will have a chilling effect on the ability of organisers to engage others online.

The Avaaz campaign to Save the Internet – more than 2 million signees already.

The Guardian makes like Guinness World Records and calls it the blackout the largest online protest in the history of the internet.

Should streaming be a felony? Should we be arresting people who host a website like MegaUpload? If this horrifies you, join the campaigns at demandprogress.org/

Organisers share their battle plans on The Daily Beast.

McSweeney’s lets us in on (satirical) lifelines with a day’s worth of facts to survive a Wikipedia blackout.

And finally, in the spirit of censorship – intentional or otherwise – check out these iconic error messages.

What do you think? Do SOPA and PIPA make your blood boil? Any other great links that we may have missed?

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