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GetUp in 2012: look at what we achieved together

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Whether you’re enjoying some well-deserved time off with family and friends or still plugging away at work, this video is definitely worth your time. Take a quick 3 minutes now to click on the below video for a beautiful visual display of some of the amazing things you’ve achieved in 2012:

In 2012, more than 600,000 GetUp members banded together, chipping-in and turning out when it would have been easy to stay home. We didn’t pick the easy fights. You went up against the most powerful forces in Australia; politicians from all parties, powerful lobby groups and some of the wealthiest corporations in this country.

Next year is an election year, and there are many who will tell you that the writing is already on the wall for the issues we care about. Our movement would not exist if we thought like that.

This will be a tightly fought election, and the outcome – in the house and the Senate – is up for grabs. There’s so much more at stake than who is elected. This is a year when public debate on the issues we most care about will be at its peak. Together, we can change the tenor and outcomes of this election.

At the last two federal elections, GetUp members have run the largest independent campaigns Australia has ever seen. We’ve had more than 15,000 volunteers on the ground, distributed over 2 million issue scorecards, run successful High Court and Federal Court actions that gave over 169,000 Australians the chance to vote, and run the most effective issue advertising in Australia.

That’s because we understand that politics is too important to be left to politicians — it takes all of us. So let’s stride into 2013, bigger and better than ever, with so much we care about at stake.

Together, we can make 2013 our best year ever.

Click here to watch what our movement is made of:

Thanks again for an exceptional year… and Happy New Year!

The GetUp team

PS – GetUp doesn’t receive any funding from government or corporations. Our movement relies on small (an average of $19.65 per person to be exact) donations from every day Australians like yourself. 2013 promises to be one of our most exciting years to date. Click here to chip in and give the GetUp movement a flying start to the election year:

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29th December 2012

Time for the Christmas shop? Check out this year’s list for naughty and nice.

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We know you’re busy and longing for ham, seafood and cherries so we’ll keep it real quick.

Before you head out and stock up on food for the family table this Christmas, check out the infographic we’ve created and then share it with everyone you know so they can shop with a clear conscience this Christmas:

Pokies xmas infographic

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Woolworths and Coles spend a ton of money pushing their “family friendly” image, especially around Christmas. But most people don’t know how much they earn by profiting from the pain of families everywhere struggling with poker machine addiction. Help spread the word by sharing this image and encouraging your friends and family to spend their money where it won’t end up feeding the pokies.

Let’s help make this Christmas a little merrier for the most vulnerable members of our society:

Happy Holidays!
The team at GetUp.

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22nd December 2012

Update on the campaign for Federal Environmental Protections

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Great news! You, along with thousands of other GetUp members, chipped in to run an ad to pressure the Federal politicians attending The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) tomorrow to hand over protection of our environment to the States.

Your ad (below) will be running in The Australian tomorrow, the day COAG meets – make sure to grab a copy!

EPBC ad hero email

Just now, reports in the Sydney Morning Herald indicate that the Federal Government is putting the decision on hold.1

It’s a prudent move, and means our environment has a temporary respite from the Business Council’s plan to weaken environmental protection legislation… but we’re definitely not in the clear yet.

As you read this, the Business Council of Australia (BCA) is sitting in a meeting with the Prime Mininster and Premiers in Canberra. It is doing all it can to pressure the Federal Government to back down. On radio this morning it hinted at further public campaigning until it gets what it wants.

COAG meets tomorrow and won’t announce the final outcome until after its meeting, so your timely ad is more important than ever.

Australia’s Federal environmental powers have demonstrated their value time and time again. They’ve been used to stop drilling for oil on the Great Barrier Reef, damming of the Franklin River in Tasmania and brought about the protection of some of our most precious places and wildlife. These threats will only continue to grow – from mining in the Tarkine to coal seam gas fracking and coal ports on the Great Barrier Reef. That’s why we’re fighting hard to keep Federal protections in place. Thanks for helping to make it happen!

Finally, we want to send a resounding congratulations to all the people and environment groups who have been campaigning hard on this issue and have helped secure this important step. If you’d like to learn more about their campaign, visit the “Places You Love” campaign here:

Love your work,
the GetUp team.

[1] Sydney Morning Herald, “Bid to cut green tape bogs down in detail,” 6, December 2012.

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6th December 2012