Campaign update: 96% of the Tarkine is under threat

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8th February 2013

Environment Minister Tony Burke has just announced that he’s backing down from protecting Tasmania’s Tarkine wilderness, ignoring the recommendations of the Australian Heritage Council and instead allowing mining to expand. Click here to write a letter to your MP asking that they support Heritage Listing for the Tarkine:

It’s not what we expected to hear. In fact it is far worse than even our worst fears.

Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke has just announced that he will ignore the recommendations of the Australian Heritage Council who have recommended the Tarkine be protected and instead open it up for the mining industry. 96% of the Tarkine wilderness the Australian Heritage Council said should be protected will now face an uncertain future.

Now, Australia’s largest remaining single tract of Gondwanan rainforest could be dug up for short-term mines. Some of these mines will only operate for 2 years, but will leave permanent scars on the landscape. Earlier today I spoke to a tourism operator in the area, Darvis, who is devastated by the outcome; he’s built up a world class business which attracts visitors from around the world. But he hasn’t lost hope. He knows that you, along with the GetUp movement can help save the area – particularly in an election year.

Tony Burke said to media that “I simply haven’t been able to find a way to recognise the natural heritage values with a boundary that will find a balance.” That’s just not good enough. If the Coalition hear from enough people there is a chance they will move to do better for the Tarkine. Please write letter to your local Coalition MP now and find out where they stand on the Tarkine:

Last year GetUp members like Nicole lobbied their local MP urging them to protect the Tarkine – home to the last known population of healthy Tasmanian devils. A Liberal MP wrote back to Nicole saying:

“The Coalition is concerned about the health of Tasmanian Devils, not only in the Tarkine region but across Tasmania and is keen to see their well-being protected.

The protection of the sensitive environmental areas of the Tarkine is important and we understand the Government is currently considering the application for World Heritage listing for the area.”

It’s now up to us to find out where the Coalition stands on the Tarkine and the existence in the wild of the Tasmanian devil. {NAME|Friends}, can you please write a letter to your local Coalition or Independent MP and let them know that you support the protection of the Tarkine and ask for their position on the issue?

When you receive a response from your MP please send it through to us at and we’ll make all the responses public on our website – building pressure on all parties to do better for the Tarkine.

Our perseverance and determination can see this area saved.

Thanks for all that you do,
Paul, for the GetUp team.

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  • Gertrude Higgins

    Why don’t GetUP! members personally doorknock everyone in Tasmania tell them that their jobs, homes and families future are at risk because of insane environmentalists stopping all development.The Gunns pulp mill was going to use 100% PLANTATION TIMBER and yet the greens still campaigned against it.And for what? More imports from Malaysian paper mills from paper created by clearing old growth Malaysian rainforest which they build palm oil plantations on afterwards? Give me a break.How on earth is using Malaysian rainforest a better outcome for the environment than using 100% plantation timber for paper purposes.

  • Anonymous

    Possibly because:

    a) not all GetUp members would agree with any particular stance GetUp might endorse (you support issues you choose to support),
    b) not all GetUp members would support your rhetoric and unsupported statements,
    c) people are free to make up their own minds … going around telling people what to think is not something I think GetUp would endorse. I think that is just something you’d like.

  • don’t have one

    Plantation monoculture is more often than not more destructive than mining!!! Have you ever walked through a plantation? Everything this species decides to do is destructive, because its about cutting costs and maximizing profits, they don’t care about you and your family as much as you would like to think they do, and worse yet most of the jobs will be from interstate and overseas! Once these companies leave do you really think they give a rats about you, do you think the government cares? NO WAY!! The very water you drink will be poisinous, but I forgot you will have all the money in the world to pay for your sickness because of the fine outstanding mining companies and the puppet politicians that approve this cannibalism! Great next up will be the men in white coats with their prescriptions! Get your head out of the sand and wake up. There are other ways to go about living, you are just kept in the dark by these clowns and their folly rhetoric and that you need them to provide so you can live normally. Start thinking for your self instead of regurgitating out exactly what the TV and papers spew out on a daily basis and thinking you are well informed. They love it when we all argue and they can go about their business! Divide and conquer.

  • Gertrude Higgins

    Yes and when GetUP finally starts a campaign to ban fluoridation of water supplies i will be 100% behind them.Remember GetUP! admins – removal of fluoride from the water supply was the single biggest issue on the old getup forums last year.Why not listen to the majority?

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