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Make a submission: Marriage Equality

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Residents of NSW: you have an historic opportunity to help pass legislation that would finally end marriage discrimination in your state. But the next four days are critical.

Five brave NSW Parliamentarians are reaching out across party lines to support a State Marriage Equality Bill 2013. The Bill would give same-sex couples the right to marry in NSW, recognising and honouring all love equally in law.

We’ve never been this close to equality in NSW. The legislation is written, a public inquiry period is underway, and the five state Parliamentarians – a National, a Liberal, an Independent, a Green and a member of the Labor Party – are all championing equality in their own party rooms. But to finish the job, they need your support.

The Parliamentary Inquiry into the bill closes this Friday. Can you tell the NSW Government what passing the Marriage Equality Bill would mean to you and the people in your life?

Without a strong number of submissions, it will be an uphill battle for the Bill’s Parliamentary champions to convince their own parties to take a risk and get it passed. But a record-breaking number of moving stories have real potential to change hearts, minds and votes.

The highest number of submissions ever lodged in favour of a piece of legislation in a NSW Parliamentary inquiry is 2,400. Can you write a few sentences, right now, to help break the record? It only takes one minute.

Write a message to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry:

The Nationals’ Trevor Khan puts it this way: “This inquiry is your best chance to have your voice heard. With opponents of LGBTI equality mobilising we need your contribution to ensure this inquiry receives as many submissions as possible.

Love is patient. Love is kind. But the love between devoted LGBTI couples has waited long enough to be recognised by our Parliaments and courts.

With hope and love,
The GetUp team

PS – Your comments don’t have to be long or complicated. The Liberals’ Bruce Notley-Smith has this advice: “The best submissions are the ones that come from the heart and the ones written by mums and dads supporting their kids.” Click here to share why you think it’s finally time for NSW to recognise marriage equality:

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26th February 2013