Happy Birthday to CommunityRun

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2nd March 2013

Happy birthday!

One year ago, GetUp launched CommunityRun, the culmination of a 5 year dream to harness the passion and experience of members of our movement to make change in our local communities.

Scroll down and read about the success GetUp members have had running their own CommunityRun campaigns. Share it with your friends — you might just inspire someone you know to make change in their community!


Here’s to another big year,
The GetUp and CommunityRun teams.

CommunityRun is 1!

PS – Read about some more of the great grassroots campaigns that are being run (and won!) on CommunityRun, here.

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  • Freddy got fingered

    How about a community campaign to make the ABC a commercial enterprise instead of it sucking off the taxpayer teat? It is unfair to commercial stations that have to play ads to survive that the ABC can remain ad free due to a soviet style government funded broadcasting arrangement that is hideously out of date and out of place for a modern country like Australia.

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