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5th March 2013

It’s official. This was the hottest summer in Australian history.1 January was the hottest month. January 7 was the hottest day.

Here’s today’s report from Australia’s top climate scientists2 by the numbers:

  • 123 extreme weather records broken;
  • 40.3 degrees average temperature across Australia on Jan 7;
  • 70% of Australia experienced extreme temperatures during this summer’s heatwave;
  • 7 days in a row over 39 degrees across Australia (average maximum temperature);
  • AND heatwaves, floods, tropical cyclones, tornadoes, and bushfires and across Australia.

Climate change is influencing the intensity of all extreme weather, and it’s likely to get worse without strong action, the report warns.

This is the moment, and the evidence, to convince the nation that we need strong climate action. Let’s go. Share this info-graphic from the Climate Commission:forward this email or click below to post on Facebook:
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Climate infographic

There’s a heartening number too: 8.6%. That’s the amount Australia has reduced our carbon emissions from electricity since introducing a price on pollution last year.3

But the most important number of all? The number of Australians who support strong climate action. No matter the result of this election, that’s the key to protecting climate legislation and driving investment to renewable energy.

We can change that number. Friends and family are the most trusted source of opinion for most Australians. Sending a personal email to our contacts; posting informative Facebook messages; and preparing ourselves with the facts to have a convincing conversation with friends. Between over 600,000 GetUp members, the numbers add up.

Share this infographic and click here to see the Climate Commission’s Angry Summer report, explaining how our changes in climate are influencing destructive extreme weather.

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the team at GetUp.

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1 Australian Bureau of Meteorology, “Seasonal Climate Summary for Australia”, Friday, 1 March, 2013.
2 The Climate Commission, “Angry Summer”, Monday, 4 March, 2013.
3 Australian Government “Fact Sheet: Emissions in the National Electricity Market”, February 2013.

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  • Itzrob

    I support strong climate action but certainly not a tax or trading scheme that does nothing for emissions. Let us have a mature debate on nuclear power for starters.

  • AussieBoy

    Disagree with climate change stats provided by people paid by climate change institutions. Seems a conflict to me.

  • Helvee

    Wouldn’t call the Australian Bureau of Meteorology a Climate Change Institution myself. Whose climate stats would you prefer AussieBoy?

  • Right said fred

    And two years ago the Uk had it’s coldest winter for 300 years, meanwhile Aussie climate records go back how long?….

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