Have you seen this video?

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6th March 2013

Warning: the below video contains violence.

Have you seen this?

A shocking video has emerged of police brutality at this weekend’s Mardi Gras. A young man is handcuffed, manhandled, and violently thrown to the ground.

Onlookers film his blood smeared on the concrete. Officers tell them to stop filming “because I say so.”

Mardi Gras organisers and Independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich are already raising the issue with the Police Minister, but the more community support they have, the more pressure they’ll be able to apply.

GetUp member, Dean Price, has started a CommunityRun campaign calling on the Police Minister to hold a public investigation into the incident immediately, and to implement new education for police.

Watch the video. Sign the petition. Spread the word:


We’ll send a press release and hold a press conference with Dean when the petition reaches 30,000 names! Let’s make that happen today.

Some in the police and the Government will be hoping that this media story disappears fast. They’ll commit to holding a private investigation, give one or two officers a slap on the wrist, and hope that this disappears from the media in a few days.

Dean’s campaign can change that. A huge petition today will create a second round of media coverage, and a huge public movement (that’s us) that media and police know will be following the issue for a long time to come. Together we can turn this one-day media story into a lever for real reform.

The overwhelming majority of police officers in NSW do a commendable job; we respect their dedication and patience in one of the hardest jobs in our community. In the 35 years since the original Mardi Gras police have gone from shutting it down to marching in the parade as part of the community. For the most part, this Mardi Gras showed off the best in our community, and our police.

But incidents like this bring back all too recent memories for the LGBTI community — reminders that there is still much work to be done in our approach to policing. Let’s use this moment to push for real progress, not just a one-off investigation.

Add your name to the campaign and share this far and wide through email, Facebook and Twitter.


In hope,
the GetUp team.

CommunityRun is a project by GetUp that puts the power to run (and win!) your own campaigns in your hands. What change do you want to make in your community?

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